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Unisoft Business Solutions was established in the year 2009 with the focus of providing world-class software solutions. The company got its recognition from the market when our FAST HR Software was widely accepted and it crossed over 30 installations within minimum time. Among other key development areas, Unisoft has a decade of experience in developing generalized and customized software applications for almost all types of industries.


Present UNISOFT, breaking all barriers and discovering new paths…

UNISOFT is focused in the development of the complete ERP solutions, off-the-shelf solutions; Web based development including designing, hosting, Application solutions. Besides these, Unisoft is also in the process of developing major solutions in Education area.


Unisoft is one of the major players in the Distributed Object Computing & brings revolution in Open Systems, Open Databases, Open Networks, Interoperable Objects and now the E-Business. Technologies are converging to provide true Distributed Computing. Application Software vendors are collaborating to bring Open Applications standards for Interoperable applications. Therefore the growth of Unisoft has paralleled the growth of IT in the World. Unisoft, as a team, faced the challenges of transition from Distributed Object Computing and Client Server technologies.


Unisoft blends experience with modern and appropriate technologies.

UNISOFT’s major focus areas are Client / Server architecture, Communication Software, E-business and Distributed Object Technology and its application towards Enterprise-wide solutions.



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About Unisoft

Our Team is a leading provider of integrated business solutions based on SAP.The solutions leverage the use of industry expertise and leading edge technologies to focus on delivering innovative solutions to clients globally.

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