Unisoft Business Solution Limited

A place where you can find all kinds of industrial software solutions. We are currently providing ERP, HR, Canvas X, and more software.  Our 48 expert engineers are working to build quality software for you. And for support, there is an individual for 24/7 to support you whenever any problem arise

We are one of the top software-providing farms in Bangladesh. Currently, our software is used in more than 200 local industries. There are some extra qualities which make our place top among other local industries. Some of specific qualification is given below

Concept And Idea

We are renouwned for our unique concept and design, we use modern technology to preview the dashboard as well as the architecture


Our functionalities are unique and effective. We make alternative ways to function a similar task that saves your time

Expert Engineers

48 expert engineers are working to make sure the quality. They are very qualified

UI Friendly

Our softwares all are user friendly. It is easy to operate and well documented.

Well Documented

The documentation we provide with the software are very efficient. It is written in an easy way so that any new comer can understand it easily

24/7 Support

Our support team is very active. You can contact with them in any time if problem arise.

One Of The Leading Software Companies In Bangladesh

Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resource, And Canvas X, These three are top-selling products of ours! 

Unisoft Business Solution was established in 2008. It is a software development company situated in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. UBS has already worked with 200+ industries and completed thousands of projects for them. 

Buyer Served

What We Do Best

We are award winning software company in Bangladesh

Unisoft Business Solution is one of the leading software companies in Bangladesh. We are currently dominating the market with our efficient softwares.

We have customizable software for any kind of factory need. ERP system, X Factor HR, and Canvas X are three major software that can meet up your expectations. That software is very efficient and reliable

ERP Software

It is a ful integrated solution . it is a complete management software for your company. Also workable with inventory management

X Factor HR

It is a complete HRM solution. From the candidate selection to the employees' leave management all can be done through this software.

Canvas X

Real time production monitoring is one of the key factor to boost your production. Canvas X provides the solution to get more production in time with 100% effeciency

Our Services

We use design and innovations

It is not software that only meets your expectation. Rather it is used to find all of the solutions in a complete package.

We can also create customized products if you need any. If you want to add more functionalities just discuss them with us. We can add more features to our existing products. 




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